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Welcome to Rastafari TV. This is a video sharing site related to the ways of Jah Rastafari and it’s not just about Reggae music. It is everything to do with what it means to follow the ways of Rastafari Please join our community and become a member. If you have any materials you consider should be on the site please forward it to us (or the url link) and it will be published, if it is deemed to be suitable for broadcast. Thank you.

Members can also publish their links from Rastafari TV to their websites, materials, and any other links that are suitable to Rastafari TV.


Rastafari TV is meant to be a membersip led website so please join our comunity – here to dwell on the positive through different media forms including: Dub Poetry, Reggae music of different types, Beliefs and opinions in Rastafari, Films, Documentaries, and anything else that can be thought of.

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