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About Rastafari TV

Rastafari TV has been set up to educate and celebrate in the ways of Jah Rastafari through music, videos, speech, poetry, opinions all relating to the ways of Rastafari.
It is a membership led website where all those who wish to become a member can do, as long as they are suitably minded and do not behave in a disrespectful manner. R astafari TV encourages psitive minded individuals to become a member and come and share their opinions and experiences.
Rastafari TV is all about celebrating in the positive and as sung by Garnet Silk Love is the answer.
Members are encouraged to upload their images, any suitable materials, to the site and hopefully it will grow in times to come.
Rastafari TV will regularly monitor the behaviour of the members to ensure that there is no activity unsuitable to the site.
If there are any queries relating to Rastafari TV then please do not hesitate to contact RTV here  Contact